Weddings and Parties

Cut A Shine have been going for nearly 15 years and thus have plenty of experience playing for weddings and parties. We love it, and love nothing more than being in a room full of people whirling and swinging and dancing all night.

We started off by hosting our own dances in London before moving into festival performances. We then started to get invited to play at weddings and parties. We've built up years of experience and are more than happy to discuss any special requirements.

If you are interested in booking the band, please do check out these common questions we get asked.

Where are you based and where will you play?
We are all based in London but regularly travel the country to play weddings, parties and festivals.

How much do you charge?
We charge a minimum of £500 for local shows. Prices vary depending on size of the band, travel and whether you require us to hire in a PA system suitable for a live band. Please feel free to get email us for a quote and let us know where and when your party is.

Do our guests need to be experts? Many might not have done this before!
Do not fear, we have honed a show over the years suitable for all ages and abilities, and specialise in presenting easy and fun dances suitable for everyone in the audience. We can tailor your show for all ages and abilities. We present our dances in a completely non-heteronormative fashion.

What style of music do you play and what instruments are in the band?
Cut A Shine have focussed on American old time and bluegrass music because that's what we love to play, although many of our dances are English, Scottish as well as American in origin. Our minimum line up will feature Fiddle, Banjo and Guitar with a dance caller. We can increase our line up of musicians depending on your budget, and can add in Double Bass, Mandolin, and even a host of dancers to perform show pieces and help the crowd get dancing!

How much space do I need and can you help with PA Equipment and Venue requirements?
We have hosted dances in tiny clubs and pubs through to festival main stages.. we have many many dances to choose from that can be danced in all types of spaces...  We carry a modern and reliable PAT tested PA system that can handle the band and DJs afterwards. We carry radio mics that can be used for speeches. We also carry a lighting rig with 10 parcans and stands. We are fully covered with Public Liability Insurance.

How long do you need to set up and how long do you play for?
We can set up our basic PA in 40 minutes, and do so many times in the background during room change overs. For bigger installs with lights and DJ equipment we like to spend at least an hour setting up. Please do ask for a quote for these technical aspects.

We generally recommend a minimum of 2 x 45 min sets, although lots of combinations work. We favour a 45 minute set, 10 minute break followed by a whole hour set. The dances are fast and furious and we don't want to exhaust anyone!

Can we see you play?
Yes! we host regular dances in North London, particularly Hackney. Please see the Events page. We provide free tickets to prospective bookers, so do email us.