Weddings and Parties

Booking the band - thanks for your interest.

We have been doing this a very long time and really love what we do and want every show to be the best... there are loads of agency ceilidh bands around, but we take pride in actually being a band and not using musicians who meet for the first time on stage!

We have played countless weddings and parties. We can come as a smaller cheaper band, or you can book the whole show with all the musicians for an epic hoedown.

This pandemic has been rather tragic for musicians, so going forward, we have decided to charge what we really need to be able to keep the band going - gone are the days we'd jump in the van and hoon around the country for a couple of beers and a few bags of crisps!

Off Season Prices (Jan - March, Oct - Nov)
£150 per Musician
£150 booking fee
£200 for us to bring a suitable PA
£200 out of London Town surcharge (over an hour drive)

On Season Prices (April - September and December)
£200 per musician (4 - 6 musicians)
£150 booking fee
£200 for a PA
£200 out of London surcharge (over an hour drive)... bit less if closer.

DJ Services
£150 for up to 3 hours
£150 to bring the equipment

These are our ideal fees. We'd expect to be with you the whole day - early set up and soundcheck and a finish around midnight. 

We can make exceptions/negotiate for Charities/community groups/fundraisers etc, so do email.

thanks, hope to dance soon!

you can contact us on info [at] or    joe [at]